Past Life & Age Regression



1:1 Session for Past Life & Age Regression (90 mins)

Hypnotic regression is a journey back in time to recover lost memories and explore events from the past.

In regressions, you will be guided back to an important event from your past in order to heal a certain issue that is present in your life right now.

You can be regressed to past events of this life or a past life.

The session takes up to 90 minutes. The hypnotic regression can take from 45 mins to one hour and for the rest of the session, we will be discussing the details of your experience.

Sessions are only available online on Skype.

Before the session, we will have an initial talk, either on email or on a short phone call so I can better understand your reasons for wanting a regression. After booking your session, I will get in touch to schedule  our session.

Please be aware that:

***You are NOT suitable for regressions if:

  • You are under 18 years of age (parental consent is required).
  • You are feeling suicidal
  • You are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs prior to or during our consultation.
  • You are under the supervision of a psychiatrist or suffering from any diagnosed psychiatric condition, psychological illness, or epilepsy.

For more details, please read the FAQ

Before purchasing your session, please read the Terms and Conditions

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Please fill in and submit the Consultation Form, at least one day before our session!

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