“So, you’re going through a break-up… I wouldn’t be able to say I know how you feel, because we all have different experiences and stories, but I know what it’s like to cry yourself to sleep nights in a row because of your heart being broken.


I know how you torture yourself and how you feel that you will have a panic attack thinking they’ve already replaced you with someone else, that they love someone new, that they are touching someone new. It’s an emotional ordeal that doesn’t let you sleep, eat, focus on anything else.
I know what it’s like to miss them every day. I know you want to text them, to share all your experiences, all your thoughts, as you did when you were together.

You wonder if your life has any meaning now without him/her. How will you be able to survive? How will you be able to get over this cruel pain that destroys your soul, stabs your heart, breaks your whole being into small pieces and you don’t know how to gather them from the ground and how to put them back in place.

 I know what it’s like to wonder why is it over, how could you have fixed it, what have you done wrong, what could you have done differently, why don’t they love you anymore, how can you win him/her back?
I know what it’s like to hope that things will change. Hoping everything is just a nightmare and everything will return to normal soon.


You will move on and you will see your path so clearly and you will love again and meet the one who will know how to love you and keep you close to them. You will experience a new special kind of love. It will be different, maybe you will not experience this love at the same intensity as the one you lost, but maybe it will be just what you need.


I wrote this book because I know from experience that complete and fast healing of a heartbreak is very possible. “

A break-up is never easy, no matter who initiates it, whether it was you who ended the relationship or your partner, it’s very emotional nonetheless and it is so important to deal with these emotions healthily and productively.

I want to share with you my personal experiences and tell you how I overcame the suffering caused by my break-ups. I will guide you in every step of the way, telling you about  spiritual practices and routines that will help you, not just for getting over a break-up, but will help elevate your mood, boost your self-esteem and raise the frequency of your vibration.

This guide will help you understand your patterns in relationships, this way you will discover what went wrong in your previous relationships, why you’re maybe choosing the same partners and you will learn what you want from a relationship.

Also, my goal is for you to learn to love yourself more and to build stronger self-esteem. A break-up can leave its marks deeply rooted in ourselves, but a break-up doesn’t have to break you. 

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I created a VIDEO COURSE on how to get over a break-up and you can find it on the Udemy platform, right here: How To Heal a Broken Heart in 21 Days, VIDEO COURSE

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