“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens”

 – Rumi – 

How to Heal a Broken Heart

Video Course & E-Book


       A while back I realized that most of us go through a painful breakup at one point in our lives. This project came to my mind because of my own personal experience with break-ups and I wanted to share everything that I’ve learned and applied for myself in order to heal my heart.

    And so I created this practical and spiritual guide which is in a form of a video course or an e-book. The video course is more extensive as it contains a guided meditation for forgiveness, using a Hawaiian spiritual technique called ho’opponopono, and a hypnosis session. In both the video course and the e-book I will give you steps to follow each day. The video course has 21 steps/days to follow and the e-book has 18.


Break-ups can be very painful and you might even lose the will to live. But I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. No matter what your particular situation is, no matter how bad your break-up was, how traumatic the experience was or how painful it is for you right now, I am positive that you can heal your heart if you follow the steps from this course / e-book.

What will you learn?

A break-up is never easy, no matter who initiates it, whether it was you who ended the relationship or your partner, it’s very emotional nonetheless and it is so important to deal with these emotions healthily and productively.

I want to share with you my personal experiences and tell you how I overcame the suffering caused by my break-ups. I will guide you in every step of the way, showing you spiritual practices and routines that will help you, not just for getting over a break-up, but will help elevate your mood, boost your self-esteem and raise the frequency of your vibration.

This guide will help you understand your patterns in relationships, this way you will discover what went wrong in your previous relationships, why you’re maybe choosing the same partners and you will learn what you want from a relationship.

Also, my goal is for you to learn to love yourself more and to build stronger self-esteem. A break-up can leave its marks deeply rooted in ourselves.

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