Personalized Guided Meditation & Hypnosis



If you are not ready for a 1:1 Session, you can now order a guided meditation/hypnosis that is personalized and tailored to your exact needs and desires. For more details about it, click HERE

The guided meditation will be in an MP3 audio format. If you would prefer WAV, let me know.

The duration of one recorded session is between 20 and 30 minutes.

After you’ve purchased it, fill in the form below.

Your recording will be ready in one-week maximum.



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Example: I want to manifest a house at the beach, a specific car, include its color, I want to manifest a marriage, I want to attract the love of my life or even a specific person, I want to manifest my dream job. I want to travel. Etc. The sky is the limit. Be specific. You can also choose a guided meditation with positive affirmations only.
Example: It can be a place near the ocean, a beach, a mountain area, a garden, a forest, etc.